Map and Directions

2019 Charity Home Tour Home Locations

Directions by Land

Tour directions begin at Bridgewater Plaza, 16430 Booker T. Washington Highway (Route 122). Other starting points may be used and homes may be visited in any order.  Orange and black signs will be placed at all turns for help with guidance (though signs sometimes disappear!) In directions below, route numbers appear in parenthesis.

There will be traffic directors at each house to help with parking: please advise them if you need any special assistance. Please note that homes are not handicapped accessible.

Breckinridge Home   1250 Hidden Waters Lane, Moneta

Directions coming soon!

Mallen Home   19 Atlantic Ave, Moneta

Directions coming soon!

Shea Home 2422 Patmos Church Road, Huddleston, VA 24104

Directions coming soon!

Koury Home   308 Pine Dr, Huddleston

Directions coming soon!

Kellstrom Home   2222 Capewood Dr, Huddleston

Directions coming soon!

Nester Home   715 Tranquility Rd, Moneta

Directions coming soon!

Thompson Home   257 Dudley Rd, Union Hall

Directions coming soon!

Borum Home   3576 Kemp Ford Rd, Union Hall

Directions coming soon!.

Return to the Smith Mountain Lake Visitor’s Center

Directions coming soon!

Directions by Water

By-water directions to the 2019 CHT homes begin at Hales Ford Bridge and are ordered to provide an efficient path to all eight homes by boat. Your actual route will depend on where you elect to begin, whether you go “upriver” or “downriver” first, and which of the homes you decide to visit by boat. Note that home numbers are the same as those in the by-land directions.

Boaters should prepare for their day on the water by checking all safety equipment, fuel and oil levels, and making sure there are properly-sized life jackets on deck–and preferably worn—by all crew members. Take along a fully-charged cell phone, charger, lake map, sunscreen and sufficient hydration. Please dock only at docks clearly marked with an orange Home Tour dock banner or as directed by dock volunteers. Should you become stranded, Sea Tow stands by at 540-719-5555 or marine radio channel 16. GPS coordinates provided below were recorded near each home’s dock but should be considered approximate, as are running times from one dock to the next.

Directions coming soon!