Directions by Water

The Smith Mountain Lake Water Safety Council recommends that all persons aboard your vessel wear life jackets. At the VERY LEAST, a properly sized jacket for each occupant should be on deck (rather than stowed away in a compartment) for easy access. Dock only at docks marked with a tall orange banner and attended by Home Tour volunteers.

Homes are listed in a logical by-water sequence, but retain their by-land numbers from the land directions. GPS readings are approximate. Times for each segment reflect smooth water and minimal traffic. Your travel time may be longer depending on when you go. Allow extra time to wait for docking space, especially on Saturday.

Beginning at Hales Ford Bridge near the entrance to Bridgewater Marina

Return to your starting point as appropriate, keeping to the right of the channels as practical. A direct run back to the Hales Ford Bridge will take about 55-60 minutes.


2017 homes to be announced.